Apply in Person or email resume to uniondallas@gmail.com.



Union Coffee

Hours: Full-time with salary, health insurance and benefits.
Effective: July 1st, 2017 – June 30th, 2018

Reports to: Community Curator / Founding Pastor

 Job Summary
Union Coffee, a new church start in Dallas, is hiring a full-time Church Planting Resident in conjunction with Path One and the North Texas Annual Conference.  As a fully-functional coffee shop and place for ministry with young professionals / college students in the Dallas area, Union affords a unique opportunity to learn alternative means of sustainability and community engagement while practicing generationally-specific ministry.

We are seeking a Church Planting Resident to engage a year of intensive, hands-on learning and ministry in an experimental ministry championed by the North Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. This position is not an internship. The Resident will be coached to take lead on several new initiatives that will further Union’s mission in Dallas as well as innovate cutting edge expressions of ministry for the broader United Methodist Church. After a year of this residency, we believe that candidates will be well-prepared for innovative church planting. Responsibilities will include collaborative worship planning and execution, community building with strangers, event-planning and supporting discipleship systems. 2017-2018 will be a growth year for Union. A Path1 resident will have the opportunity to be a part of a team as it launches a new worship gathering and paves the way for a second campus in Southern Dallas nearby to Paul Quinn College.

Union Coffee is a new church start cultivates the divine spark in our neighbors for the good of Dallas and the world it inspires. To accomplish our mission, we utilize outstanding coffee, robust community and engaging causes. Our core values are the building blocks for our work. We also see our role in Dallas and in the church as advocates for those values of apostleship, boundary-breaking, generosity, quality, story telling, sanctuary and sustainability.

We are a place of sanctuary for people in our neighborhood, regardless of their level of religiosity. We currently have two worshipping communities. Both are young (average age: 24.5), driven by conversation and made up largely of church refugees. About 1/3 of our worshipping congregation identifies on the LGBTQ spectrum. We also host, support and catalyze a long list of community events and opportunities that make Dallas a better place. As a result, we have become an integral, valuable and trusted part of our neighborhood.

Our approach to ministry is rooted in the Omnipresence of God and significantly shaped by John Wesley’s words: “what shall we do with this awful consideration [that God is present in all things]? Should we not labour continually toacknowledge his presence?” Union does not exist to bring God into the neighborhood or Jesus into the lives of those who walk in our doors. We believe that God is already at work in our neighborhood and Jesus is already at work in the people. Our job is to see what God is up to and nurture that part of someone’s lives. When we look for God in others, they tend to see God in us. 

In many ways, Union functions as a laboratory for the United Methodist Church and experiments with three key things

1)   What are alternative means of sustainability for the church?
2)   What does generationally specific ministry look like?
3)   How can the church best embed itself in the needs of its community?


  • Track record as a ‘serial entrepreneur’
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Preaching and story-telling abilities
  • Sense of wonder (sense of humor doesn’t hurt)
  • Love for the church as well as those who have been burned by it
  • Creative spirit about the future of the United Methodist Church
  • Driven to offer the story and presence of Jesus as a means of hope, transformation and salvation for the world.
  • Commitment to minister in a setting that is “open and affirming” to community members who are LGBTQ
  • Ability to love the hell out of the city of Dallas and the people who work, live and play in our neighborhood.
  • Ability to build community and connect with strangers in a public setting
  • Creative mind and flexible work habits
  • Willingness to be held accountable to goals and expectations
  • Must have a passion for ministry with rising generations
  • A deep sense of call to start new faith communities
  • Not bothered by people who love Jesus but also curse from time to time.
  • Availability and willingness to plant a church once residency is completed
  • A mature and well-defined sense of self to help lead a community with diverse opinions and experiences
  • Experience serving and leading in a faith community or organization
  • Candidates with cultural competency for both predominantly black neighborhoods are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • Candidates with experience in the arts community are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • Must be United Methodist.
  • Both clergy and lay people (as well as those in the ordination process) are eligible.


  • Confidential application should be sent directly to Mike Baughman (uniondallas@gmail.com)
  • Commissioned and Ordained candidates, as well as those hoping to be ordained in 2017, must let their Bishop and District Superintendent know they are applying.
  • Candidate must submit a letter of interest including a short statement of their theology and vision for church planting.
  • Candidate must submit a resume
  • Candidate must submit a picture of something that brings them joy and/or laughter
  • Candidate must fill out and submit a Path1 Residency Application found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9HwtuH250dXckFjYjNoNW01SWs/view
  • Applications must be received by March 28th. Interviews will be conducted as applications are submitted.