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The divine spark lives in thee.
Let it grow.
— Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Over the past five years, Union has learned a lot about the divine spark. We've learned the do's and dont's of good communities. And we've learned that most of the time, God shows up in the places we least expect it. We've learned a lot, and we're ready to take the best of Union to new places.

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4505 Gaston

Union has the unique opportunity to purchase an attractive corner lot in Old East Dallas with the potential to provide in a more financially sustainable location with 5012 ft.² of space. The neighborhood population is growing with young professionals in close proximity to Baylor hospital. The Old East Dallas building was Brinker's first restaurant, which became Chili's, and sits at a Dallas intersection of race, socio-economic classes, and neighborhoods. In this location, Union can establish a low threshold, social estuary to bridge the gap between disconnected people and between the church and the world.

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Oak Lawn UNited Methodist Church

Union has the unique opportunity to partner with Oak Lawn United Methodist Church by taking over use of an old parsonage at Cedar Springs and Oak Lawn and converting it into a Union location. Union can fill spiritual, social, and economic gaps in the neighborhood by operating in a highly visible, walkable neighborhood that is densely populated by people in our core demographic.