Our Core Values

Apostleship: We don’t adhere to ‘the way things have been done,’ but entrepreneurially take old pathways and bring them to new communities, contexts, schools of thought, conversations and paradigms. We construct new matter from old materials.

Boundary-Breaking: We embrace playful, constructive ways to color outside the lines that separate people from people, institutions from institutions and the present from the future. We poke social divides and peer through holes to see what is on the other side. We may even experiment with what might germinate from cross-pollination.

Generosity: We offer our vulnerability, our resources, our time, our voice, our privilege, our light, our hope, our story and ourselves. So that Dallas might be betters. So that the world might be better, So that we, through our generosity might be better.

Quality: When there are few standards to follow, we will be the standard against which others are measured. We set an example by our bold failures and brilliant successes. We set the standard so that others might improve upon our work and forge a more perfect Union.

Sanctuary: Sanctuary is more than a place. We must choose sanctuary in order to offer refuge to those who feel threatened. Sanctuary dwells in people and swims in cups of coffee that warm our hands and tell us we are okay. Sanctuary is any act that makes us a bit more like God. 

Storytelling: We tell stories on stages, around tables, behind counters, online, over the phone and, most importantly, with the decisions we make. We tell our own stories, other people’s stories and the stories that make us who we are. 

Sustainability: We attend to and craft ecosystems that nourish the long-term health of that which is alive--communities, people, plants, ideas and dreams (to name a few)