Studio is a gathering for those who believe faith is a choice that gives life because of, not in spite of, their questions.

When? Sundays at 7 PM


Union Coffee Shop

3705 Cedar Springs

Dallas, TX 75219

Why call it Studio? A studio is a place where someone creates, discovering things about themselves and their place in the world while refining their work. A studio is a place to think critically, take risks, and iterate. Sometimes working in a studio is a frustrating process, but we think the journey to the final product is worth it.We see many parallels between our faith journey and the creative process, as well as parallels between our acts of creation and God’s acts as Creator. So “Studio” seemed like the right fit.

What’s worship like at Studio? First, grab a drink or a food, then take a seat around our stage. We always start with our creed (don’t worry, we pick people to read it so you don’t have to say anything you don’t agree with). Next, an artist or two will share their craft whether that’s through a vocal performance, spoken word, or something visual.

If you are interested in performing for Studio, please email

Our resident pastor, Mike, then takes the stage for only 10 minutes to introduce the night’s topic to us. After the sermon, 4 questions are presented to the room. At this point your neighbor will turn to you and ask you what you think. Your group has 5 minutes to dive into the topic at hand (it’s totally ok if you come up with more questions than answers, we like those here). Then everyone in the room will dialogue with Mike and each other – be warned, we don’t always find the answer to the biggest questions. Service closes each week with communion, announcements and a hymn. Those that don’t want the conversation to end, or just really love beer and cheese fries, head over to a nearby bar together.

What does Studio believe? We knew we wanted to open the floor to talk about important, difficult issues surrounding our faith. It was safe to assume that disagreement would arise, so we wanted to create a creed that would let everyone in the community know what we believed even if members disagreed on many things. However, in writing the creed we came up with more questions than answers. But since we think the questions we ask of ourselves, and our faith, are so important, we decided that a creed of questions would be more telling about who we are.

Studio’s Creed:

What if God never stopped creating?

What if God crafts mosaics from the broken pieces of yesterday, clears canvases for a fresh start, and offers hope to a world in need?

What if certainty was the opposite of faith?

What if faith is a choice that gives life because of our questions, not in spite of them?

What if Jesus came to give us more than forgiveness, more than healing, more than wisdom?

What if Jesus gives us a story that shapes our story so that we might shape the world?

What if we knew our purpose, and had a place, regardless of where we’re from, what we believe or whom we love?

What if that place is here? What if we’re already creators, collaborators and friends with God?

What if we’re a part of God’s story for Dallas?

What if we live like these things are true?



See you this Sunday at 7! Until then, you can see more on FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM