The Beans We Brew

Outstanding coffee can change our lives and the lives of those who pick our beans.


Union's coffee comes from local roasters, Eiland Coffee Roasters. Eiland was founded in 1998 by Clay Eiland. This roaster integrates old-school roasting equipment retrofitted with modern technology to specialize in roasting rare and unique coffees from around the world. Clay and his team roast single-origin coffees and create blends that will make you fall more in love with your coffee every sip you take.

“I have a confession to make. I’ve run a coffee shop for 3.5 years and I only became a coffee drinker about four months ago—when I was introduced to the quality coffee that Clay is able to produce,” says Mike Baughman, Community Curator for Union. “Now, I can’t get through my day without a Burundi pour over.” 

Here is a little more about the beans straight from Eiland...

"Eiland Coffee Roasters is passionate about roasting, training, and developing palates. We want to make consistently great coffee available in your shop or home for your customers and guests. 

Roasting coffee for over a decade, plus numerous trips to coffee-producing countries across the world has fueled our passion for this craft. Every member of our team has been in the specialty coffee industry for at least a decade. All of the time spent honing our craft is made worthwhile if we can provide you with a great experience. As this industry grows and changes, we're striving to grow and adapt as well as provide the best for our customers."

The beans that come from Eiland all tell their own story. These beans come from places such as Burundi, Brazil, Costa Rica and more.