Capes 4 Kids Is Taking Off This Saturday

Union is a coffee shop, right? Well, one day a month for four hours we flip our coffee shop into a cape making factory. Yes, we still serve coffee (of course)... But the organization Capes 4 Kids takes over our "big room" to do something that is quite remarkable!

Capes 4 Kids (C4K) brings in a huge group of people, sometimes surpassing 100 individuals, that give up their afternoon to make super hero capes for kids that are terminally ill or have a long-term illness/disability. Throughout the month C4K has their "superheroes and sidekicks" unite to deliver capes to these kids. Our superheroes remind these little one's that they are superheroes too and they have the powers to fight and defeat their "super-villain" (the disease they are battling).

C4K was started back in 2014 and is continuing to grow. The next "Cape Making Factory" at Union is on Saturday, June 25 from 1p - 5p. Bring as many people as you want. It is a great time for your family and friends.