$1 Coffee All Day Long

Since its inception in November of 2012 Union Coffee has grown to be love by thousands in Dallas and beyond. The reason for this is due to the fact that Union is more than a coffee shop. As many patrons of Union say, “Union is a community.” Built on strong community and a charitable aspect of giving 10% of all coffee sales to a local charity, Union has become the top-rated coffee shop on sites such as Yelp, Google and more. One thing that Union wasn’t the best in was the coffee.

Now that has completely changed. The community and cause is definitely still there, but Union has changed up the coffee and it is for the better. How have they done this? Union has completely switched roasters and now have partnered with Dallas based, Eiland Coffee.

“I have a confession to make. I’ve run a coffee shop for 3.5 years and I only became a coffee drinker about four months ago—when I was introduced to the quality coffee that Clay is able to produce,” says Mike Baughman, Community Curator for Union. “Now, I can’t get through my day without a Burundi pour over.”

Eiland Coffee Roasters integrates old-school roasting equipment retrofitted with modern technology to specialize in roasting rare and unique coffees from around the world. This roaster is passionate about roasting, training, and developing palates. Roasting coffee for over a decade, plus numerous trips to coffee-producing countries across the world has fueled our passion for this craft. Every member of the Eiland team has been in the specialty coffee industry for at least a decade. All of the time spent honing our craft is made worthwhile if we can provide you with a great experience. As this industry grows and changes, we're striving to grow and adapt as well as provide the best for our customers. 

Clay Eiland, Owner of Eiland Coffee - Photo Credit: Dallas Observer

Clay Eiland, Owner of Eiland Coffee - Photo Credit: Dallas Observer


Baughman continues with saying, “For years, Union has been one of the top-rated coffee shops in Dallas. We noticed, however, that most of our reviews commented on our community, our dedication to area causes, our events and how friendly our baristas are. Very few talked about our drinks. Our hope is to raise the standard on our beverages to be on par with the highest level in Dallas. We’ve hired a new General Manager with excellent barista training credentials and are looking to Eiland coffee to raise the quality of our coffee.”

To celebrate the new coffee, Union will be offering $1 coffee all day on Monday, June 13. This includes all sizes of lattes, pour overs, drip coffee and more. All proceeds from the day will go to Capes 4 Kids (C4K). C4K is an organization that hosts a monthly cape-making factory at Union. “C4K super heroes” deliver the capes that are made to children that are terminally ill or about to undergo a major surgery in the North Texas area. 

* Promo will not include French Press, cold brews, chai teas, matcha lattes or tea products