Farewell, Matt Bell!

This year feels like it had two different time periods.

A time when I was working a bar shift once a week and eating the leftover three day old bagels for breakfast everyday at the shop on Dyer. I was taking a United Methodist history class, writing my commissioning paperwork, and going to Barley House after Studio and Kuneo.

Then there is the time I’m walking through downtown headed up to WeWork in shock of how sweet the views are up there, overjoyed about worshipping at the Ginger Man, and wondering how often I need to vacuum after Pup Mesa. In my limited time at Union there has been a whirlwind of change that I could not have prepared myself for.

So, while the shop has been closed and we’re in the middle of NowHere, I’ve been kept sane and steady by the people who make up the membership at Union who still show up even if we’re not making you lattes. Thank you. You’ve challenged my preaching, you’ve encouraged my resolve as an educator, and you’ve given me a canvas of a halo adorned poop emoji sitting upon a rainbow laden cloud. I cannot thank you enough for this inspiring piece of art that symbolizes Union’s core theology: God redeems what the world considers waste. Holy shit that’s badass.

I wish more churches would follow Union’s lead on this conviction. My vision for what’s possible has expanded by working at Union and my ability to brew good coffee at home has leveled up 1,000%. Paige and I will be forever grateful.