Sunday Spread: Sanctuary Never Tasted So Sweet

Dallas is a place of innovative change, driven by amazingly visionary and hardworking folks; and, at Union Coffee we are proud to have fueled the work of these visionaries with coffee and community for over 6 years. As Union grew to articulate a theory of change focused on developing leaders, we began to dream. What if we, Union, started a brunch worship gathering to empower and encourage leaders for our city?

Sunday Spread emerged from these musings. Since the fall of 2017 we have talked with some of the dynamic leaders, activists, advocates, entrepreneurs, coffee drinkers and change connoisseurs of Dallas to curate a worship experience chocked full of all things Dallas—brunch, blues, engaging discussion, Jesus and good freaking coffee.

On the first and second Sunday, we gather at Checkered Past Winery in the Cedars. We listen to one another, eat well, share our challenges, hear what Jesus meant when he preached about changing people and systems, and jam to bluesy hymns as we refresh ourselves for the hard work of pushing boundaries. Sunday Spread is a place where people and things that seem antithetical come together in joy and truth — even if only briefly. 

We’ve got the bourgeoise practice of brunch coupled with the soulful earthiness of blues...the vulnerability of deep honest discussion among friends with the communal liturgical performance of worship...the comfort of small groups with the support of corporate worship...the power of change makers at the edges of social innovation with the wisdom of a deeply connected community.  

Many of us at Sunday Spread also worship / serve within other faith communities, but twice a month we gather together to share our challenges and perspectives, refuel our creative hearts for the hard work of change in our city, our organizations, our neighborhoods, and the people we know leading them.

So, join us, 10:45 AM the first and second Sunday of every month at Checkered Past Winery.

Sanctuary never tasted so sweet.