patrick littlefield

Someone You Need To Meet: Patrick Littlefield

I am very excited to have joined the Union team! For the past couple of years, I have admired the meaningful work being done at Union from a distance, while serving as a youth minister in Prosper and occasionally leading a small invasion force of 6th graders into one of the Union worship services. But as of July 1, I have fully joined in with the vital ministry going on here and I already feel warmly welcomed into the community.

I am also excited to have moved back to the Dallas area. I spent several years at SMU, earning a degree in religion and psychology and being involved in several campus ministries, the marching band, and a couple of percussion ensembles. When that season of my life drew to a close, I migrated to Atlanta, Georgia for a couple of years to go to seminary at Candler School of Theology. There I earned a Masters of Divinity degree and learned much about ministry in the local church through an internship. Though I really enjoyed living in Georgia, the wild, wild west and the opportunity to begin the ordination process, pulled me back home.

I am now a recently commissioned United Methodist minister, which means I have been appointed, or sent, to be one of the pastors at Union. I am thrilled to be in this role to learn more about Union, support the ministries going on here, and look forward to how this model of church can grow throughout North Texas.

I have long been involved in the United Methodist Church, and am especially interested in new expressions of ministry. Several years ago I had the opportunity to do some research on fresh expressions of church in the United Kingdom, which inspired my love of tea, but also my interest in exploring how congregations can do new, creative things to connect with people normally not reached by the church. I see Union accomplishing this goal in a very effective way that brings vitality not only to a particular community, but also throughout United Methodism.

My interests in religion also extend deeply into spiritual practices, such as forms of prayer and meditation as well as methods of reflecting on scripture. I enjoy incorporating such practices in my own life, as well as leading others in discovering them. I look forward to finding opportunities to explore these practices at Union and to join in planning and leading some of Union’s incredibly creative worship services.

I am also excited to take these next steps in my journey with wife, Erin, and my dog, Max. I enjoy spending time with both of them exploring nature, playing board games, and becoming immersed in books and TV shows (Erin may be a little better at those last two things than Max). Additionally, I enjoy creating music, playing tennis and Frisbee, and playing Sonic the Hedgehog.

I am always willing to share a cup of coffee or tea with you and exchange stories, especially if they are about dogs, funny YouTube videos, or monks and theologians from centuries ago. But ultimately, I’d love to hear what brings excitement and meaning to your life!