Meet the Intern: Ashley Hamel

When I began attending worship at Union the year was 2013 and I was freshly out of college. I was seeking a faith community where I could plug in when I wasn’t putting in hours at church as a youth minister, and I found a home at Union through Kuneo. I knew pretty instantly that it would be a place that would be formational and influential to my life. Flash forward five years. I have just completed my second year of seminary, and have been reunited with Union as the Summer Seminary Intern.

When I am not in Dallas, I am studying in (I can affirm Mike in this) the beautiful state of New Jersey. At Princeton Theological Seminary, I am in a dual degree program in which I will (hopefully) get my Masters in Divinity and Masters in Christian Education, specifically Youth Ministry. I am also working towards the Certificate in Theology, Ecology and Faith Formation, because I am low key obsessed with The Farminary.

This summer while working with Union I am getting to know the communities that worship with Studio and Kuneo. I also have the opportunity to re-launch the Union Way process, which is a 5 month process that encourages the participants to own their spirituality through spiritual disciplines and cohort participation. I also get to work with a team on curriculum development and other fun, Union-y things!

I’m not sure what my future ministry holds, but I am so excited about the ways I am learning what ministry can look like from Union. I am reminded of the importance of showing up for one another- in times to celebrate, and in time to sit. I am reminded the importance of having space for everyone’s voices- especially learning about who God is by learning from one another. I am reminded of the difficult but necessary walk of living in community. Union is so much more than a coffee shop, we know that. But it’s also so much more than “just” a church. For that, I am thankful.