We're getting a Food Truck!

When you woke up today it might have felt like a normal Monday, but have we got some BIG news!

First, if you’ve driven down Oak Lawn to spy on our new building you may have noticed that not much has changed. Well. You’re right. The first part of our news isn’t great. (But hang in there we’ll get to the good stuff.) Sometimes when you try new things a timeline takes on a life of its own, and we’re afraid that due to unforeseen circumstances our open date for the New Oak Lawn location will be this January (2019). Yikes. We’re bummed too.



Food Truck on the road for good.png

Ok. So maybe we should have been a little more subtle, but honestly we miss you and wanted to start serving Dallas as soon as possible- so surprise! (We told you we had big news!)

Want to be the first to taste test the new menu? Or does your laptop need new Union swag? And aren’t we all still searching for the perfect coffee tumbler? Well, part of starting a new Food Truck is to look to YOU (yes, you) to help us fund it! We have all sorts of perks and levels of giving. Whether you can give a little or give a lot, we would love to have the support of everyone in starting up the coolest and most generous Food Truck in Dallas!

Union loves to cultivate the Divine Spark within our neighbors and without open doors… well sometimes it’s a little more challenging. We hope that with this Food Truck we will be able to take Union on the road and into your neighborhoods with the best (can’t tell you what food yet) there is in Dallas!