7 Days of Giving: Making a Home

By Chandler Terry Grace

To schedule a donation, please go to https://northtexasgivingday.org/npo/union

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Each week, I have the opportunity to play "Home" by Phillip Phillips with the Kuneo community, which is exactly what Union has become for me. When I moved back to Dallas two years ago, I found myself alone in a city that I knew as home as a kid, but had drastically changed to me as an adult. I wanted to find something to belong to, where I could also learn and grow and be challenged to be the best version of myself. I was church-hopping around the city, and could not find a connection anywhere where I felt like I belonged. With a well-timed phone call from an old friend telling me about a little coffee shop, I stumbled into the back of Union on a Tuesday night experiencing my first Kuneo service. 

Two years later, and I am thankful to be sitting up with Misfit Whatevers each Tuesday night, getting to play good music with some even better friends. Alongside the music, I am also very thankful to be able to join in on a conversation that pushes me and challenges my faith. I am constantly amazed at this place, and much it gives back not only in the Dallas community, but around the state and country. Union has given me something to belong to that has drastically influenced my entrance into the adult world in a loving and positive way.