7 Days of Giving: The Divine Spark

by Sareek Hosein

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I found Union by word of mouth from my best friend from high school. I attended Union in search of answers, but what I found was so much more than I ever could have imagined. I found a community, that was inviting and unafraid to not know. I found safety in an environment that was socially aware and active against those injustices. Most of all, I found peace and the courage to take on the path before me.

I grew up in an Islamic home, participated in a Hindu Temple, and attended a Methodist church as a part of my Boy Scout journey. However, the moment I stepped into Union, I knew this place was special. I felt as if everything in that moment aligned and I had found what I had been searching for. A

My time at Union went from me watching and listening to the service from the far back table, to moving closer and participating in discussion and asking questions, to serving communion and joining leadership team, to finally, getting Baptized and being an advocate for Union. In a year and a half, Union had taken me by the hand and led me on a walk. A walk I took at my own pace, having the hands of Union to lead me, comfort me, and push me on the back when I needed it. I found that something had changed within me and Union had not only left me with many answers, but also left me with many questions, that I wasn’t afraid to ask or search for the answers.

Union cultivated the divine spark in me and it changed my life.